Ian McEwan

by Giorgia Giordano IV B
Today we are going to talk about literature. In particular about an author that is considered one of the most important of our time: Ian McEwan.                                             Ian McEwan is an English novelist and screenwriter. In 2008, The Times featured him on their list of “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945” and some of his books, such as “Enduring Love” and “Atonement” are considered real masterpieces of postmodern literature.
In his books McEwan explores the unconscious of man and goes through his very deepest self; where he discovers and highlights all his uncertainties and difficulties, typical of the postmodern man, who is undermined in his personal convictions and molded by a decentralized society. A society that is dominated by the media and where men’s ideas are copies and imposed prototypes.
In his works therefore McEwan describes men and women that seem to be trapped in the chaotic tide of change and that struggle to find stability, such as: a science writer, a stalker (Enduring Love, 1997); four innocent children (The cement garden, 1978); a neuropathic (Saturday, 2005), but also a Nobel winning physicist (Solar, 2010).  All these characters are protagonists of almost surreal situations, brought to the extreme; however  they reflect the real condition of the mankind of our era. The narration of this dark and sometimes grotesque reality earned him the nickname “Ian Macabre”.
So if you want an overwhelming and enthralling reading, that makes you ponder and think and that makes you enter the reality of our days, just read Ian McEwan!

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