by Aggelos Ntzoumanis

I am writing this article to tell you about teens’ everyday life in Greece. I am not sure how different is from yours’ but I am sure that you will find it interesting because here in my country there are different types of teenagers.First of all we should mention that nowadays teenagers are related a lot to technology. This happens in Greece too. Adolescents play computer games all the time. Some of them spend more than two hours a day in front of the computer screen. They are the “technology generation”. They like talking to each other on the internet. In general, they like everything that has to do with cell phones.

Another type of teenager is the sporty one.  Not all teens are hooked on technology.  These adolescents are energetic and  love sports. They eat healthy food and they love working out. They try to have an attractive body and a quality of life. They make limited use of their mobile phones.

There is also the “struggler” type trying to run from one private course to another in order to have more chances to enter the University. Unfortunately they constitute the majority of adolescents.
I think that these types of teenagers are the same  all  over the world and you will find them in  your country too.

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