New year of school

“Starting a new journey is frightening, but after every step we make, we realize how dangerous it was not to move”
-Roberto Benigni

The first day of school is definitely thw one we will remember with more nostalgia, as it opens our life to a new path, a unique journey for each one of us. While you are entering the school door, a plenty of thoughts comes to mind, your heart beats as fast as a train in full stroke and your hands shake.

In front of us there is a year full of happiness, friendship, but also of fear for the constant dread of not fulfilling our parents’ and teachers’ expectations, but, above all, our own. It is necessary not to be intimidated by this fear; on the contrary, we must face it and, step by step, succeed in defeating it.
Only then, once the first goal is reached, we will be able to enjoy what we have learned over the course and we’ll be surprised when, looking ourselves into the mirror, we will see we are different, bigger, better, because we have learned so many things, but we are also stronger because we have learnt not to discourage in front of the difficulties. It is important to start something before surrendering, because nothing stops us more than the fear of not being able to do it.

At school we learn how to live: we must understand that we have not to be afraid of what is waiting for us behind the door of the unknown, but to go through in immediately wth the awareness that we must do our best to achiebe our goals.
So, every beginning is never easy: life iself, without beginning could not be called in this way.


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