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Welcome to Liceonolimits.eu! This website which was planned during the International Seminar of the European Council, held in the Liceo Classico Tommaso Campanella of Reggio Calabria in September 2016, aims to keep in touch students of different schools and cultures. On this online platform you can watch our TG news, created during the course of work related project with the media center Immedia Live, or read our articles which will be published periodically and concern various topics (news, science, traditions and society, culture, sport, compared schools and ipse dixit). Furthermore you can comment our articles, which will be translated into English, and tell us what you think about them.

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Valentina Barreca


Moments of the Felgimi’s life (Budapest, Hungary)

At the end of April before the secondary school final exams, the so-called school-leaving ceremony is held when our graduate students led by their headteacher going …



di Irene Nucara  III B

 L’evento annuale, innovativo, sostenuto dal MIUR, che coinvolge solo i licei classici del territorio italiano, è giunto alla quinta edizione. Anche quest’anno nella serata dell’11 Gennaio 2019 dalle …