The Fairy Morgan – the Myth

At the time of the Barbaric conquest, One of the conqueror Kings came to Calabria and he saw in front of him a wonderful Island with a volcano at the center of it. He was thinking how to reach and conquerer the island when suddenly a very beautiful woman appeared to him saying: “ I see, you are looking at that wonderful island and its magic Volcano. I can give it to you if you want”.

It was August, and the sea was calm and there was no breath of wind a strange phenomen was happening: Sicily was very near, they could clearly see the trees, the volcano and even the men.

The King dived into the water and he was sure to reach the other shore with a few strokes . While he drowned the Fairy Morgan smiled.

This strange phenomen is happening today, in fact durig particularly serene days of August and September , Sicily seems very near to Calabria and you can distinguish fields, houses and hills; in fact “ The Fairy Morgan” is an optical phenomen that you can admire rarely in the Strait of Messina and on Favignana island because there must be particular wheather conditions.

Looking from Messina towards Calabria, you can see the image of Messina ad it was a standing on nothing but air and, conversely, looking from Reggio Calabria towards Peloro Cape is seen along the coast of Reggio Calabria.

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