“Sports Day” at Borrelli High School promotes health and well-being for students
by  Viola Piro
Borrelli High School in Santa Severina held a successful first edition of “Sports Day” on May 17th.  Organized by the physical education teacher Daniela Ciccarelli, the aim of the event was to promote sports and motivate kids to be more active. About 70 Borrelli students took part in tournaments of either volleyball orfootball, and school faculty and staff got involved as referees for the matches.

The students were formed into teams of 4 to 6 people and each team had a different name. The teams were then divided into two categories:  A and B.  The day was organized into six rounds, with each team playing against another twice in 10-minute matches.
Once the elimination rounds were over, the four semifinalists played the semifinal matches.  In the end the team “Scarsenal” came out on top for football, while “Diavoli Senza Limiti” triumphed in the volleyball tournament.

“Sports Day” offered not only a significant opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of keeping fit, but also allowed sudents, faculty and staff to spend time together in a friendly and relaxed environment.  Many are already looking forward the second annual edition of this enjoyable event.

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