The experience of School Work Alternation in the new schools of 2000

The students who attend the class IV E at Liceo Classico T. Campanella in Reggio Calabria as young film critics thanks to School Work Alternation project

by Sofia Mascioli and Marialaura Benedetto IV E

The new reform law n. 107/15 of 2015 at the art. 1 from paragraph 33 to paragraph 44 introduces and regulates the School Work Alternation’s obligation that has to be applied in the last three years of the Secondary School, 200 hours in high schools and 400 in the technical and professional institutes. The students have made some interviews in their school and found out that sometimes School Work Alternation is appreciated, however other times is severely criticized. The students of the class IV E have expressed a positive opinion about Alternation, because they have taken part to a didactic process that is unconventional compared to traditional spaces and methodologies, they have been helped by experts of the “Ergastirio” association.  An example is the student’s ability to regard the cinematography no more as a simple entertainment but as a job. You can see this reading the review of a famous film that is however unknown to the young generation, “The Wave”.


“The Wave”, directed by Dennels Gansel, is a film shot in 2008. Inspired by a true story, it refers to the teaching experiment,” The Third Test “, made in 1967 by a history teacher in a school in California on the subject of the autocracy. Rainer Wenger starts from there to prove to his students that the power takes form and strength through an ideology, which is reflected in a group of people and identified itself in the wave group. The experiment, in fact, takes place in a system of rules that everybody accepts and that represents a small political system with a name, Wave. A special logo is also created and each student wears a uniform. It means that the manipulated group employs its own energies more for the other people than for itself until it destroys any idea of rebellion. The Wave have given an aim, but it finally was an annihilation of those young minds. “

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